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Don't choose between fill-in-the-blank templates and expensive law firms to secure a patent. SmartUp® provides you with interactive tools to prepare your patent application with a patent attorney who guides, optimizes and formalizes your work. SmartUp® brings you quality patent protection at a fraction of traditional costs.

How it Works

Our Three Simple Steps to Patent Pending


Begin with our easy-to-use, Interactive Patent Preparation Tools. Or, if you've already drafted documents and figures of your own, simply upload them. Attorney support is available on-demand.


A licensed patent attorney will study your materials and immediately contact you for a consultation. Based on the Optimization Package, the patent attorney connects to our platform to prepare your application, ensuring it protects your innovation in accordance to the intricacies of Patent Law.


With a click of a button, authorize the certified filing of your patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Patent Attorney will prepare and file your patent application, establishing "Patent Pending" status - guaranteed.

Patent Attorneys

With over 15 years of Experience

Legal services provided through SmartUp® are performed by licensed Patent Attorneys and Agents associated with Bekiares Eliezer LLP, a Law Firm specializing in Intellectual Property Law and serving clients in all fifty states.

Quality Assurance

Licensed, Reputable, and Secure

We thoroughly vet our network of Patent Attorneys and connect you to one that's right for you. All services are provided by Patent Attorneys who are licensed by the USPTO and are required by law to preserve your information in confidence.


Your Intellectual Property belongs to You

We don't use your ideas or inventions for any purpose other than to help you protect your patent rights to them. We will never share or sell your ideas, nor will we take any stake in your ideas. Your intellectually property belongs to you. View our Non-Disclosure Policy.

Our Mission

A patent shouldn’t be a choice between fill-in-the-blank templates and expensive law firms. We make a quality patent affordable.

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Prepare a patent application with our tools then connect to a patent attorney who optimizes your work. The benefit? A quality patent at a fraction of traditional costs.

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