What You Get:

Customizable Seal to place on your website or crowd funding platform


Whether you have a granted patent or just a submitted application, a licensed patent attorney will verify your patent status and immediately give you access to a Patent Seal™.

The Certificate

The certificate meets the Patent Marking requirements under 35 U.S.C. § 287. Viewers are put on legal notice when they click on your Patent Seal™.



Why do we have to charge $99 for the seal? When you apply for a Patent Seal, a licensed and experienced Patent Attorney reviews the information you submit, validates your patent, and creates a summary for the Patent Seal certificate. Only after the submission is verified is the Patent Seal issued. Then, we will host and maintain your seal to reflect your latest patent status regularly. In order for us to provide a quality service that brings value to you, we have to pay our professionals to that make this much needed service possible.

More than that, however, the Patent Seal also includes a free, On-Demand Consultation with a licensed Patent Attorney to discuss your Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, review your IP needs, and answer any questions about IP that you may have.

At SmartUp, our mission is to help small businesses and startups to navigate difficult terrain that is Intellectual Property. We want to help you protect your ideas in a high quality, but cost-efficient way. The Patent Seal goes one step further. Once you obtain patent protection for your invention, a Patent Seal projects the serious and valuable nature of your business to investors, lenders, competitors, and customers.

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