Optimization Plan


SmartUp® connects you to licensed Patent Attorneys who will:

  • Prepare the legal documents you need for a Provisional Patent protection in accordance with all applicable law,
  • Contact you for a consultation within 12 business hours of your submission, and
  • Discuss the patentability of your idea or invention.


The Patent Attorney will then walk you through drafting your application using our dynamic collaboration tool and advise you on how to revise and optimize your application for optimal patent coverage on your idea or invention.


When you’ve completed your work, the Patent Attorney will go through your application and make revisions of his own. These revisions will place your application in conformity with the formalistic standards and technical requirements of patent law so as to ensure your idea or invention can receive optimal patent protection.


When you’re ready, the Patent Attorney will electronically file your optimized application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in accordance with all applicable law.

We guarantee that the USPTO will grant you “Patent Pending” status immediately after our filing.

*To qualify for a $65 government filing fee every inventor must be considered as a Micro-Entity. During your consultation, the Patent Attorney will make sure you qualify as a micro-entity for the $65 government filing fee.