About Us

Who We Are

SmartUp® allows any business or individual with a patentable idea to quickly and affordably secure their patent rights.

At SmartUp®, we understand that you need more than just boilerplate forms and plain online filing tools. We aim to provide you with the solutions to secure your intellectual property in the most cost-effective way possible.

About SmartUp

SmartUp® is much more than a patent filing service.  Every idea that is submitted through our platform is assigned to a licensed Patent Attorney and receives his or her personal attention. The attorney reviews each submission, calls for a consultation, and makes certain that all work conforms to the requirements set forth by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).  Sign up to SmartUp®, you will gain access to our Patent Portal®, which will help you to begin, build, and manage the entire IP portfolio for you or your business.

Our Leadership

Yuri L. Eliezer, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer
Yuri is the founder of SmartUp®.  Yuri spent a decade of his career securing the intellectual property of multinational corporations, and the recent patent reforms prompted his founding of SmartUp® - with a renewed focus on serving entrepreneurs across the world.  Yuri enjoys writing, reading, and outdoor sports.  In his free time, Yuri writes and produces music of all genres.

Mikhail Avady
Chief Marketing Officer
Mikhail directs the sales and marketing strategy of SmartUp®.  Prior to SmartUp®, Mikhail was leading Sales and Marketing Analytics at First Data, the largest payments service provider in the world.  He is currently working on his MBA at Emory University and received his BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  You can either find him at your local tech events or browsing Kickstarter campaigns for a new gadget.

Andrei D. Tsygankov, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer
Andrei is a co-founder and the resident Business Attorney at SmartUp®.  As the company‚Äôs Chief Operating Officer, Andrei is responsible for the operations and financial matters for SmartUp®.  Prior to joining SmartUp®, Andrei served as the Managing Director and General Counsel of a group of companies that specialize in contract manufacturing, logistics, and international marketing and distribution of goods.  In his spare time, Andrei enjoys all kinds of athletic activities.  Andrei also likes to organize and file things and then stare at the results for hours at a time.

Jarryd A. McCree
Chief Technology Officer
Jarryd is the head of development and lead programmer for SmartUp®.  A Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, Jarryd has over 10 years of software development experience; designing, implementing, and maintaining multiple web and mobile applications.  When Jarryd isn't coding, you can find him outside: cycling, running, or scaling a mountain.

How We Came To Be

The idea for SmartUp® originated from an experienced patent attorney who represents numerous multinational corporations at a top-tier Intellectual Property Law Firm. Through his experience, and in view of the patent reform signed into law in 2011 (known as the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011), the founding attorney determined that that solo inventors, startups, and small businesses will need the most help to protect their intellectual property.

On March 16, 2013, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act switched U.S. Patent Law to a "First-to-File" standard. In general, this means that any person who is the first to file an application for a patent to the Patent Office wins priority to the patent rights for the invention. Before, U.S. Patent Law was based on a "First-to-Invent" standard. This meant that, even if an inventor was not the first to file for a patent on his idea, he could still "back-date" his priority to the invention by showing his earlier "date of conception." This method of back-dating priority was known as the "Poor Man's Patent."

Inventors and entrepreneurs could previously rely on the "Poor Man's Patent" in order to allocate their resources for development and raise funds for patent filing. Unfortunately, the America Invents Acts and the "First-to-File" standard eliminate all reliance on the "Poor Man's Patent" protection methodology. Though the America Invents Act also reduced patent filing fees by up to 75% for "micro entities", the new "First-to-File" standard heavily favors large corporations, who can afford to quickly be the first file patent applications and gain priority over the less established entrepreneur or small business.

The founding attorney of SmartUp® could clearly see that those who would now need IP legal services the most could not afford the attorneys' fees associated with IP protection, much less those of a top-tier law firm. So, he met and allied with other patent and trademark attorneys, entrepreneurs, web developers, investors, and established business leaders to create SmartUp® - an affordable online Intellectual Property (IP) protection platform designed with the inventor and entrepreneur in mind. He then formed a network of experienced patent attorneys to assist in the cause.

Our founding attorney envisioned a platform that will help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and independent inventors to identify, protect, and manage the IP aspects of their ideas and ventures. Today, the vision is a reality as SmartUp® serves inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses across the nation.