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How Is a C-Corporation Different from an S-Corporation?

Both C-Corporations and S-Corporations are, at their core, corporations that are formed at the state level. The formation process, structure, and governance are usually identical for both.  The two big differences are: The way each entity is taxed at the Federal level; The restrictions that are placed on the types of equity S-Corporations can issue […]

How an S-Corporation Can Provide Tax Savings

As discussed in an earlier article, an S-Corporation can provide significant Federal income tax savings over a C-Corporation. The question that I am often asked is “if the benefits are so obvious, why aren’t all corporations S-Corps?” Due to the benefits, the IRS places restrictions on S-Corporation ownership, including the types of shares that the […]

How to Avoid Double Taxation | S-Corporation Advantages

Tax law sets the difference between the C-Corporation and an S-Corporation. When a corporation is formed at the state level, the C-Corporation is the default. The C-Corporation can then, voluntarily, file an election form with the IRS (Form 2553) to become an S-Corporation. Once accepted, your corporation becomes an S-Corporation. Why go through the trouble […]


How Long Does It Take to Register a Trademark?

The length of the U.S. Federal trademark registration process can vary. Once filed, an application is typically assigned to an Examining Attorney within about 3 months. The Examining Attorney will firstly review the application to make sure that the applied-for mark can be registered at all. The Examining Attorney will then review the selected classes […]

How a Corporation Is Set Up

The Corporation is rigid in how it is structured and run.  This is due to laws, rules, and general practices that have existed and worked well for years. The great thing about a corporate structure is that it scales very well.  From the smallest of companies to the largest enterprises – there is a common […]

How to Protect Your Brand – Trademarks 101

It is common for entrepreneurs to spend years of their lives, in addition to their blood, sweat and tears to grow a company and the name associated with it. That name can be not only dear to those who invest in it but it can also become a very valuable piece of property. It is […]

What Happens If I Infringe on Someone’s Copyright?

As an attorney for startups and up-and-coming companies, I am often asked questions such as these: “do I need permission to use someone else’s song in my Kickstarter video?” or “what will happen if I just use it?” or “if the band or label catches me, they can just tell me to stop, right?” To answer […]

What Is a Copyright?

If a person today creates an intellectual, creative or artistic work, the form of that work is automatically protected by Federal Copyright law (Title 17 of the U.S. Code).  Copyright protection does not extend to the underlying ideas or information, but simply to the form in which they are presented. As of 1989, Copyright protection […]

What Is Trade Dress?

The term ‘Trade Dress’ refers to the overall aesthetic, visual design of your product or even your brand as a whole.  This is all about a unique look that consumers associate exclusively with your brand or product and no else’s. Trade Dress can include one or more of the following: Colors or color combinations Visual […]


Patents Stats 2014 (Infographic)

If you are thinking about filing for a patent in the new year, it is important to take a look back at patent stats from 2014 to better understand certain aspects such as how long you might be waiting for a patent, and to what industries the most patents going. After gathering data from the […]

Winter Must-Have: Sled Pants

Anyone who has ever thought of sledding as an activity reserved only for children has clearly never seen this trendy winter accessory. The sled pants patented in 1996, are a quick and easy way to sled anytime, anywhere. The convenient apparatus straps to your waist much like wearing a belt, and contours comfortably to your […]

Elon Musk’s Early Patents before Tesla

Elon Musk, the brains behind Tesla Motors, PayPal, and SpaceX, seems to have always been quite the innovative thinker. In the early 90s and 2000s, he submitted a series of different patents relating to the way we use the internet in terms of search and communication. As originally covered in qz, his ideas predate many […]