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When Does Your Employer Own Your Invention?

In general, the person who creates an invention owns it, and the mere fact that someone is employed at the time they create an invention doesn’t have an impact. With that said, if the employer hired the employee to design a specific invention or solve a specific problem, the employee has a duty to assign […]

Can I Use a Competitor’s Name in Advertising?

Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns in history involve the comparative use of competing trademarks. Coke vs. Pepsi; Burger King vs. McDonald’s; Bud Lite vs. Miller Lite… The list could go on and on. If you are a major consumer brand, chances are you have thought about how to create your own consumer identity […]

Website Terms and Conditions, Why Do I Need Them?

Three Ways The Most Boring Page on Your Website Offers Critical Protection Although web professionals spend almost no time on it, website terms and conditions govern the relationship between your company (or the entity running the website) and visitors, users and customers. So, as a founder, this page shouldn’t be ignored. Depending on the type […]

2 Tips on How to Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

A business thinking through the best way to sell a successful equity crowdfunding campaign should remember these two important points: Focus on your network. While the relatively new ability to advertise a local public offering to everyday investors (see Invest Georgia Exemption Guide) significantly expands a startup’s traditional investor pool, the reality is that the vast […]

Where Can You Pitch Your Idea and in Front of Whom?

For almost 100 years, companies seeking investors have had to be very careful not to “advertise” an offering – or else risk attracting the ire of federal regulators. To be specific, federal law requires all sales of securities to be either registered with the SEC (aka, “publicly traded” like Apple or Facebook) or else qualify […]

How to Choose a Good Business Name

One of the early defining moments in the life of a startup is choosing a name. It’s generally the first thing the public knows about you – your first business “pitch” when you really think about it. And it serves as the centerpiece of your brand, so it’s important that you select something that you’re […]