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How Do I Add Details to My Invention After I Filed for a Patent?

I’ve added additional details to my invention/idea but I’ve already filed for patent. Can I modify my patent application after I’ve already filed it? A very common question indeed. The break down is quite easy to understand when following this logic:   ADDING NEW SUBJECT MATTER Any Patent-Pending Application, whether it is Provisional or Non-Provisional, cannot […]


Can I Get Trademark Protection For A Board Game?

Most savvy entrepreneurs know to apply for trademarks on their product names, company names, logos and slogans. Of those, inventors who make board games often go straight to patent filings and forget about the trademark analysis, as explored in my article here: This article considers a sub-category of trademark law that allows for some interesting […]

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When Should I Convert My Provisional Patent Application to a Non-Provisional Utility Patent?

I usually get asked the question: If I rush to convert my provisional to a non-provisional patent filing, does that reduce the risk of someone having a third party receiving a patent on the same subject matter? Typically, there is NO rush in filing the non-provisional utility patent application once you’ve already secured a provisional […]